Monday, May 10, 2010

It's been a while...

Okay, okay, has been way too long since I blogged. I am going to try to start over. I even considered starting a new blog , but decided not to. I couldn't think of a name for it and it was just way too much effort. By the time I would have gotten it all set up I probably wouldn't have had time to write anyway. That seems to be the problem lately. So many things I want to do vs so many things I need to do and then it feels like nothing gets done.

The boys are getting so big. Connor will start Kindergarten in the fall. It is hard to believe. The time seems to go by faster every year. Aiden has a little over 2 weeks left of first grade. I don't think he's ready for summer vacation. Ean is looking forward to starting mothers day out next fall. He will go 2 days a week and I'll have 10 whole hours a week to myself. What will I do?? I don't think that there will ever be a problem with me finding something to do.

Israel got a promotion and started his new job this month. He will be working from home two days a week. He also tore two ligaments in his ankle a couple of weeks ago. He's been on crutches and has been in a lot of pain. His ankle/foot/leg is still extremely swollen. I'm hoping he doesn't have to have surgery, but it just doesn't seem to be getting any better. Because of his ankle we have been inside a lot more than we usually are this time of year. Camping plans have had to be canceled and anything requiring movement is now completely my responsibility. We are still in cub scouts. Israel is the pack master and a den leader, so that keeps us pretty busy. We decided not to do soccer this year, which is probably a good thing because with Israel's ankle he wouldn't have been able to coach.

I just finish the 7th Harry Potter book. I started at Christmas and decided I wanted to read them all straight through. I did stop once or twice to read another book here and there, but for 4 months I was mostly consumed with Harry Potter. That is, when I wasn't cooking, cleaning, bathing, helping with homework, trying to do my own photography work, keeping the boys from torturing each other etc... I was actually quite sad for the story to be over.
I'll try to add some updated photos of the boys and hopefully I'll be able to blog again soon.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Some pictures

I am still working on my vacation blog. LOL! Maybe I'll get it up soon. I also haven't edited any pictures from vacation either. Here is one of Aiden and one of Ean that I took awhile back. Connor hates having his picture taken, so its very hard to get a shot of him with his face in it.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Back from vacation

Here are some pictures from wadding in the river. My monitor seems to be off on the color/contrast...something. Haven't figured it out quite yet, but the pictures look different depending on where they are opened. I need to calibrate my monitor.We have been back from vacation for awhile , but I just haven't had a chance to blog. I really don't have time now, but the things I need to be doing...I just don't feel like doing.

We got to our camping cabin on Friday evening. The cabin was cute. It had a double bed, bunk beds, cable tv, refrigerator and a microwave. Outside it had a grill, picnic table and fire pit. We had to walk to the bathrooms, but they were really nice. Aiden wasn't real fond of having to walk to the bathroom. I wasn't to sure about it,but it turned out fine. That night we went out for dinner at a nice restaurant. The four adults and Ean sat at one table while the 5 boys sat at the other table. Aiden was tired from the long trip and didn't do so well.

Saturday we went to the outlets to shop. It was tax free weekend, so it was packed. I don't like crowds, so we went in one store and was done. Having a stroller and two kids walking through tons of people is never fun. Connor was so busy looking around that he walked right into a medal garbage can and ended up with a black eye. I think he ended up walking into a couple of things during the trip. He likes to watch people. After shopping we went back to our cabin for lunch and a quick nap. We met up with the Ostranders at Splash Country around 3 and spent a couple of hours. We bought 3 day passes to Splash Country and Dollywood because it was actually cheaper than buying two days.We all went back to our cabin and grilled for dinner.

On Sunday Israel got up and cooked bacon and eggs. I found a single burner really cheap at big lots. We packed a pot and a pan so we didn't have to eat out much at all. We headed to Dollywood around 10. We got the fast passes, so we didn't have to wait in the lines. With the kids being so small I only got to ride a couple of things. We went to see Zooboomafoo after lunch and it was quite entertaining. Because of our passes we had great seats about 3 rows back and in the middle. We spent the entire day at Dollywood and still didn't get to the kids stuff. Finally we decided to separate. The only thing Aiden had said he really wanted to do was ride the train. Adria and I got the little kids. Israel and Gary got the older kids so they could go ride some more roller coasters. When we got to the train we had missed the last run.

Monday we had planned on spending the entire day at Splash Country, but went back to Dollywood to ride the train and a few of the kids rides. We walked over to Splash country (where we parked so we didn't have to pay for parking twice) and had lunch in the car. The road was so hot it was melting mine and Israel's water shoes. LOL! At splash country I stayed with the little kids while Israel took Aiden down some water slides. Adria watched the boys long enough for me to go down one slide. We only got to spend a few hours at Splash Country because they closed at 6. We all headed to the cabin again for hot dogs and smores.That night we went to the Ostranders hotel to let the kids swim. There was a water slide, so Aiden and the big kids had a blast.
Side note: Aiden has such a strong personality. He loves meeting people and makes friends so easily. Here is an example. There were probably about 15 kids in line for the water slide at the hotel. All of a sudden they all started chanting Aiden, Aiden, Aiden. He's so crazy. We aren't sure why they were calling his name, but it was funny.

Tuesday we headed for home, but went through Gatlinburg and through the Smokey Mountain Park. We stopped and let everyone wade/swim in the river. I'll post some pictures later. The Ostranders had to book it back home, but we stopped and had a picnic lunch.

That was our trip. It was nice to get away, but we were sooo tired when we got home. Israel took Wed. off to recover. We plan to go back next year.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Winnie!

Here is a picture (from left to right) of Teri, me and Winnie. Winnie is one of my best friends from school. We have known each other since the 6th grade. She lives in Chattanooga now. I haven't seen her in about a year and a half (since Teri's wedding..I was pregnant with Ean). A couple of weeks ago I got an invitation in the mail for her birthday party. Israel and I wanted to go, but didn't have anyone to watch the kids (as usual). Teri (another one of my best friends from school) called me last week and said her husband couldn't go. So, Teri and I hopped in the car and went to Chattanooga Saturday night. Winnie had no idea we were coming... since Teri and I are both horrible about calling people. She was so surprised to see us. We had such a good time. Winnie's parents, grandparents and one of her cousins where there. All of whom I have known as long as I have known Winnie. It was so nice to see everyone. Teri and I drove back home Saturday night. I got home around 1am.
I have been very lucky to have several great friends in my life. Friends that I have known for what seems like forever. The kind of friends that you can go a year without talking too and when you see them, you can talk to them like time hasn't passed. I just can't seem to make connections with people like I did with these girls years ago. I hope that everyone has a chance to have friends like these in their lives. Teri, Winnie, Jennifer, Julie...I love you guys!! I miss you all! Happy Birthday Winnie!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Good times!

A couple of weeks ago we took the kids to the drive in. We saw a double feature with Kung Fu Panda and Get Smart.The kids brought blankets and pillows so they could lay down in the back of the van. It was about an hour drive. The one we went to was the only one I found where you could buy a food pass and bring in food. They were all about the same distance away,so we decided to pack a cooler and drive the hour to get there. It only cost $20 including the food pass. Ean didn't do so well, but it was late. After the first movie Connor and Ean fell asleep. Aiden is a die hard and stayed up until we headed for home. We didn't get home until 1:30am.

Last week the kids and I went to a play group at Don Fox. It's a park that has a large castle play area and a wadding pool with fountains to play in. We hopped back and forth between the playground and the pool. For lunch we found a shady spot under a tree laid down a blanket and had a picnic. We played a little more and then got in the pool right before we left to cool off. It was a great day. I just wish Israel could have been there to enjoy it with us. It has been so nice the past couple of weeks. Highs in the upper 80's. I can't remember the last time I have enjoyed a summer so much.

We had a great 4th of July. On Friday we headed down to Chapel Hill. We stayed through Sunday. Gary and Adria bought so many fireworks that it took two nights to shoot them off. Friday they had friends and family over. The adults got into a water fight. It took 3 women and 2 men, but we almost had Israel in the pool. We put him down so he could take off his shoes and he got away. There was a feast of Lobster, shrimp, fish etc... They just came back from Boston, where they ordered a ton. Their family is a hoot. All the kids played in the rain. They were already in there swim clothes and it wasn't storming, so we let them. They had so much fun. Good times!

My sister called me on Saturday to tell me that she was in town. The boys and I went down Thursday to spend the day with them. We all went to chuck e cheese because it was raining. We didn't want them to be cooped up in the house all day. When we got in the car to leave Aiden started to tear up and said he missed Rowen. I wish we could have spent more time with them and I really wish they could live closer.

The rest of this week the kids and I haven't done much. It has rained a little and the highs have been in the upper 90's. When it gets this hot I really don't care to go outside.

We have made reservations to go to the mountains before school starts. We're going to stay in a camping cabin. It's cheaper than a hotel. It has electric, air conditioning, a little fridge, double bed and bunk beds and a grill outside. It has a nice bath house. Israel wanted to tent camp. I think he forgets how hot it gets here in the beginning of Aug. I also like the idea of being able to lock up our things instead of leaving them at a camp site. He keeps calling me a wuss We are staying for 4 nights, so it will nice to have a bed too. We'll go to the theme park one day and the water park another. Gary and Adria and their boys are going also. We'll take one day to hit the outlet malls. I need to get Aiden some school clothes. I'm not really sure how this trip will go with 3 little ones. Aiden and Connor will be fine. It's Ean that I worry about. He is just at a hard age.

Well, I typed this up pretty fast, so if it doesn't make any know why. I'll try to post some pictures later. Yes, I know...I keep saying that. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How do you see your back?

The other day the boys were having lunch while I loaded the dish washer. I had my back to them, but I knew Aiden was doing something I had told him not to. I told him to stop doing...whatever it was. After a pause and me refilling a drink or two, Aiden asked me "How do you see your back?". I wasn't really sure what he was asking, so I preceded to ask questions. I finally came to the conclusion that he wanted to know how I saw behind me. He couldn't figure out how I knew that he was doing something he shouldn't. He truly believed that I could see behind me. I told him it was a gift....

Last week the boys and I went to a play group. Connor's hair has grown out quite nicely. It's getting a little long and looks like a beach bum. Many people have commented on his hair and how cute it is. His looks have really changed now that he actually has hair. ...I will post some pictures soon.... I've decided he will probably keep his hair a little long to cover up his Jimmy Neutron head. Anyway...getting off subject.
My friend ,that lives down the street from us, was at the play group with her little girl and baby. (She is the brave sole that kept the boys while I was in Canada). We haven't seen them much lately. Her little girl is a few months younger than Connor. I have watched her a few times. She is probably one of 3 kids that Connor plays with on a fairly regular basis. After being at play group for a while, Julianna walks up to Connor and says "Hey Connor! *slight pause* What happened to your hair?". I think it was the fluctuation in her voice that made this funny. She was just like...oh my gosh...he has hair. I guess I don't notice how different he looks because I see him on a daily basis.

Monday, June 23, 2008

So, I'm not so good at blogging.

So, I'm not so good at blogging. LOL! I am even worse about mailing out pictures of the kids. I have envelopes full of pictures that have been addressed since last may *blush*.Um that's May of 07. Yes...horrible!
Since I blogged last, we have been really busy. Aiden is out of school. Connor is completely potty trained (whoo hoo!). Soccer is over and the summer heat is here.
Last week we went to a Nashville Sounds baseball game. A vendor that Israel works with does a family night every year. They have food, drinks, ice cream etc. I was afraid that we would get hot, but this week has been nice. I actually started getting cold toward the end of the night. We managed to stay for the entire game because Aiden wanted to run the bases. The sounds games have a bunch of fun things for the kids to do. The game ended late. Ean was tired, grumpy and ready to go home. We had a fun time as a family and I got to see an old co-worker. It's always neat to run into people.
Fathers day weekend we went to Chapel Hill to visit some friends. Their 3 boys weren't home, so we traveled down Saturday night. We put the boys to bed when we got there and hung out for a while. Sunday, Gary and Israel went golfing. They played 18 holes, so we were there most of the day. We always have a blast with them.
Today the boys and I met up with Cordy, her Mom and sister at the library park. Cordy and Aiden played like they were getting married. Aiden had a slight panic look on his face. Afterward Cordy said to him "We aren't getting married for real silly. We'll get married when I'm an adult." LOL! Just thought I'd share.
Our neighbors hot water heater busted a few weeks ago and soaked through to our carpet. It was finally the motivation we needed to buy new flooring. Israel has all of the floor and baseboards installed. We still have the quarter round and some painting to finish. Everything is moved upstairs, so that's where we have been living. I can't wait to get finished and have a living room again. Our main computer and the phone (vonage) has been disconnected for a couple of weeks now. Once we get the computer up and running I will download pictures of the progress and post them.
Israel had a busy week last week. Tuesday night was the sounds game. Wednesday he went golfing. Thursday and Friday night he helped a friend tile his bathroom and this weekend he wanted to finish the living room...but decided he needed to rest instead.
I recently decided to resign from chorus. I have signed up for a home study course with the New York Institute of Photography. That's about it for me.
Hopefully before another month passes, I will blog again and post some living room pictures. :)